Instructions for care of your sterling silver jewellery

Silver is a natural material that reacts to your environment, skin, especially to chemicals, including cosmetics you are using. It loses shine in time and becomes gray or yellow. Although it does not seem so, oxidation is in fact an indicator of purity of silver!
Silver jewelry is not difficult to maintain and retain its shine, but if you allow it to crease, the only help will be a professional cleaning.
Silver that has no shine you can also clean at home with silver cleaning products. In this case you have to be careful because jewelery should not be long in the solution and should not be washed with cold water to prevent the formation of white stains that are difficult to remove. To keep silver jewelry in perfect condition, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for jewelry maintenance.
Use a phosphate detergent or a gentle cleanser to maintain the purity of silver jewelery and to prevent oxidation. Or clean with aluminum foil, hot water and soda bicarbonate. When washing, make sure the silver touches the foil.

The best are, of course, preventive measures:

  • Putting jewelry should be the last thing in the morning and jewelery removal the first thing when you go to bed
  • Remove jewelery when you clean, paint your hair, bathe or shower – chemical agents can cause tinting of silver
  • Do not apply perfume or deodorant directly to jewelry
  • It is desirable to remove jewelry while you are sleeping
  • Store it in a dry, sun-protected, plastic bag without air
  • Before saving, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth to remove sweat and dirt
  • Do not leave jewelry on rubber or latex

Amas jewelery is made of the purest 925 silver, usually coated with rhodium or 24 carat gold. There are two layers of gold plating: base and final.Thanks to this method, gold plating is much more durable. These materials significantly reduce the oxidation process of silver, but may also be damaged by prolonged exposure to chlorinated water or chemical agents.
Despite the rhodium or gold layer, jewelery is not completely protected from the negative effects of water or chemicals.